Project Name

"Connecting creative communities"

Project Date

I designed the UX and UI of the mobile app proposal.

Android Phone

Design Tools & Methodology
Affinity Designer, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Paper & Pencil, A/B Testing, User Interviews

Key Performance Metrics
engagement time, user feedback

Team Members
UX/UI Designer: Colin Curley (me), Web Development: Martin J.​​​​​​​

Locale, is a mobile app that aims to allow hobbyists near each other to barter their goods and services. If User A has a vegetable garden and User B creates crocheted scarfs, the two can connect in a chat box and negotiate a trade of their services. Alternatively, if one user has no services or goods to offer, they can donate to another user with a crypto-currency wallet built into the app. My role was the lead UX/UI Designer, refining the interface and experience of the app to be presented to a board of investors.

Initial Research

The first task I would have in contributing to this apps creation would be to develop user personas. I was able to develop a few user personas based on who would be the most frequent users of the app. After I developed these personas, I conducted a competitive audit with volunteers who matched one of three personas I had formulated. 

Reevaluating The Goals

After completing the initial research, I revisited design goals to include my research results. The app service would have to instill a greater sense of security in the transactions between users and would need to offer a direct easy way of connecting within the app itself. With these new features in mind I altered my wire frames and began designing the interface of the app to remedy the user pains I observed.

For the interface, I drew inspiration from craigslist. I was searching for a minimalist design. It was important that the interface had a high contrast for increased accessibility for senior users. I decided on a primarily white and blue color palette, with dark grey accents. After rifling through my design options, I created a prototype and conducted another round of user testing to gain an insight into the users thoughts on the interface design.

The style guide detailing color palette and typography that would be featured on the app. Below are some of the design options considered for the log in screen of the app.

The second round of user testing was very intriguing. Many users were a bit unfamiliar with the shape of the buttons initially. As a result I added a "+" sign next to each on the homepage to signal that the text held content that would be revealed when expanded.

The creation of this app was a great experience in learning more about users. The broad range of potential users created some difficulty initially, but through creating accurate user profiles, I was able to better identify user woes and create an interface that prioritized simplicity.  
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